COLOR BACK restores the natural pigment in paint. It also contains a special ultra violet protectant which helps protect the paint against further detorioration, resulting in a great look for many years.

COLOR BACK can be used on all metal, fiberglass, plastic, rubber or vinyl

surfaces. No masking is required except on glass. Spray right over decals, hoses, rubber moldings, belts and tires.

COLOR BACK comes in aerosol cans, as well as quart and gallon containers. It can be applied with conventional spray painting equipment. Two aerosol cans will spray an average sized two wheel drive tractor and one gallon will cover the biggest self-propelled combine.

COLOR BACK is easy to use. Simply clean the equipment, remove grease and/or wax, touch up spots where paint may be missing and apply light, even coat of Color Back.

Apollo has sold Color Back throughout the US & Canada for over 22 years now. Repeat customers let us know how much they enjoy the new look one gets from applying Color Back.